About us


We know that success can only be built with a great team that projects our dreams and takes care of every detail so that the result is perfect.

In Cantagirone We seek excellence in all aspects, so that each person who works with us has the opportunity to build their dreams along with our own, raising their potential.



We generate trust because we work with the highest standards of design, architecture and quality, committed to all our actions so that every detail is perfect.


We are creative and we make unique and differentiating proposals for all our clients.


We are passionate about what we do and take care of every detail to achieve perfection.


We like to propose new ideas to achieve the best results.


We contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the company and our customers by delivering our 100% effort.


We respect people, the environment and institutions.


We like to propose new ideas to achieve the best results.



A few years ago, one detail caught our attention: in Medellín there was no specialized luxury home that broke with the traditional schemes and transformed them into exclusivity, detail and prestige. Cantagirone emerges from the opportunity to satisfy the needs and housing aspirations of people.

With more than two decades of experience, we started our first project in the southeastern part of Medellín: CANTAGIRONE AIR HOUSES which in 2005 managed to transform the word "Prestige", to link it with the word "Home", creating a kind, generous and comfortable space to live as a family.

In our first project we dared to rethink the architecture, we put concrete in plain sight, we increased the clear ceiling height of each space, we filled it with life and lighting, we used bare materials and bricks with no treatment.

The next step we took was CANTAGIRONE DUE, in which we wanted to rethink the word "Life" with materials from the Earth: glass, stone, Catalan brick and concrete.

In 2010, CANTAGIRONE QU4TRO was our next innovation; it was so impressive that it renewed a sector of Medellín changing its name and value thanks to us. QU4TRO had the first concrete and glass façade in the city.

Nature begins to play a leading role in our projects, with green walls and spaces surrounded by forests, and CANTAGIRONE 5INQUE was born in 2013, with a fresher air, open spaces that made up the most important places in the house. The project consisted of two towers built in a stepped way and provided with green terraces; each tower with its own garden.

In 2018 TRE PIÚ became the ultimate expression of the present; a link between our history and our vision of the future, it became the third highest tower in Antioquia and the most complete expression of our philosophy, with spacious, clean and perfect spaces.

Today we focus on CANTAGIRONE NATURA, a project that unifies the best of three different design concepts around nature, where green areas have the leading part in the houses from the inside to the outside.

Our next step is CANTAGIRONE SETTE, a new definition of exclusivity, with the best details of each of our projects: floor-through apartments, with a 360º view of the city and elevators that go directly into each apartment. A new definition of exclusivity, which incorporates the best of all our projects.

Cantagirone is aiming higher every day, and the goal is to keep consolidating itself as one of the most exclusive construction companies in Colombia, recognized for creating projects with unique details that add value to each of their works.


Create high-level real estate projects with a proposal that balances the highest standards, seeking to surprise through architecture, design, quality and functionality.


In 2023, we will be recognized for creating and developing real estate projects of the highest level in Colombia.