In Cantagirone we take care of every detail, in our proyects and in our purchase process. That's why we advise you in each of these moments:

If you are interested in separating a property in one of our projects, you should take into account:

  • You should request a quote with our commercial team.

  • Afterwards, you must validate the proposed payment plan, which consists of a payment distribution of 30% until reaching the equilibrium point, 30% until delivery and 40% payment on delivery.

  • Then, you should define a payment plan with our commercial team. This plan may generate discounts (0.6% EM —effective monthly) or interests (0.8% EM —effective monthly) when compared to the payment plan of each project, and based on this scheme, the final value of the property is defined.

  • After verifying the payment plan, we will lay away the property with a pre-sale or PSA (Purchase and Sale Agreement) to legalize the business.

The purchase or pre-sale protocol allows us to legalize the business, this format includes your information and that of the project, the total value of the property and the agreed payment plan. To take care of every detail of the negotiation process, we make sure to describe the special conditions for each business, for example: retakes, discounts or additional interests.

Each of our projects has a fund in a Trust, through which the collection of the agreed payments is made, for this reason, it is important that you fill out the forms and deliver them in the sales room for the connection to the fiduciary order.

In the writing process we must sign a loan agreement by means of which we grant the use of the property to the owner, while we have the horizontal property regulation (RPH) for the deed.

To write , we require the RPH and the crossing of accounts with the fiduciary, once both requirements are in order, the notarized deed is sent to the client (and bank if applicable) and constructor for signatures and legalization.

We give you the property under a loan agreement, to grant you the use of the property as owner. Our commercial team will accompany you in the building and in the signature of the delivery certificate, so that every detail is perfect.

If you live abroad or you are a foreigner and you wish to invest in our projects, the process applies in the same way, following steps 1 to 4. You must take into account that in the case of enrollment for the trust funds, we receive the scanned documents, and in the case of the deeds process, the documents must be sent in original format.


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